Woodfield Park Residents Association

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Welcome to the Woodfield Park website.
The idea is to build up useful information for Woodfield Park residents.
Have a look at Useful Contacts, which has addresses and telephone numbers for local services. Local Info contains useful information about refuse collection, recycling days etc.
It is planned to add other information and useful links to save you time.
Please e-mail suggestions to David Houston for content you would like to see included and maintained up-to-date. Also, if you have any photos of Woodfield Park or Colinton, send them to the same address.


SAVE THE DATE - Tell small children so they can look forward to it!

Winter Wonderland

This event will take place in the woods on Sunday 16th December 2018 at 5.00pm.

More information will be provided when it becomes available


The 2018 AGM and Woods tidy-up. took place on Saturday 13th Oct. Thanks to everyone who helped out.


The kerbside garden waste collection has changed - From 9th October 2018 you need to pay - 25 pounds per annum for bag tags.

Garden waste is collected every Tuesday by Tiphereth. From the 9th October 2018 they will only empty bags of garden waste that have yellow authorisation tags attached.

Anyone who has signed up for the system should have received tags from Tiphereth in response to the appropriate payment of 25 pounds having been paid to the council.

You can still register for garden waste collection during the following dates at council offices or on the council website. www.edinburgh.gov.uk/gardenwaste

4th February to 12pm on 19th February


The woodland compost bin has been removed - please use the kerbside collection

Unfortunately it is no longer viable to maintain the compost bins in the woodland so the compost bins have ben removed. The area where they were will be replanted.

In order to maintain the amenity of our conservation woodland please do not dispose of any garden waste in the woodland. Instead please use the Tuesday kerbside collection and if necessary take large items to the Sighthill Recycling Center.


All trees both in the common woodland area and in proprietors gardens are subject to a tree preservation order. If you have a tree in your garden that needs to be removed it might be a good idea to talk to our tree adviser Derek Grant who has a lot of experience in liasing with the council about such matters.

You should be aware that the residents association only has responsibility for the trees in the common woodland areas, proprietors are responsible for trees on their own property.

Flooding caused by torrential rain.

In May 2014 a number of garages in Woodfield Park suffered flooding by rain water. The Lodge proprietors were the worst affected as the drainage stream in the woods burst its banks and caused a torrent of smelly water to rush down their drive and flood their garage. The Council were called out to unblock the culverts at the end of the drainage stream and succeeded in freeing up the large one but not the smaller one. Any proprietor who wishes to obtain sandbags to prevent flooding can seek these from the Council free of charge on the Clarence number 0800 232323.


2017 AGM summary

  1. Compost Bin: Has been expensive to empty and so the AGM agreed to remove it. As the woods are part of a conservation area, we request residents use kerb-side collection or Council re-cycling centres in future please. Please let any contractors know this too. Thanks for your help making this change happen.

  2. Dangerous Trees: Have been felled. Other maintenance work is planned. Traffic management required & it was agreed that volunteer residents will help to manage traffic.

  3. On going maintenance: Agreed to hire a contractor.

  4. Treasurer update: Funds are healthy with only a couple of outstanding payments from residents A new Treasurer has been found and if anyone is interested in helping out on the committee please let us know.

  5. Communications: Good uptake on email addresses for facebook & future communications.